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The Firm

dj headshot33Dylan Johnson Associates Architects was founded in 2010. Dylan grew up in the Cascade mountains as a carpenter before completing an undergraduate degree in architectural studies and mathematics at the University of Washington in 2005. Following university, Dylan worked for the Seattle firm, Schacht Aslani Architects before returning briefly to academics at UCLA in 2009. During his time at Schacht Aslani, Dylan learned the skills and nuances of managing architectural projects ranging from small residential jobs to higher education buildings with complex client groups and budgets over $30 million. The majority of his time at Schacht Aslani was spent on the Peninsula College Library and Maier Hall projects. Starting as an intern Dylan quickly progressed and, though not yet licensed, soon filled the role of Project Architect on large public projects under the invaluable mentorship of JC Letourneau and Walter Schacht. Before working in architecture, Dylan spent over a decade in the trades. His experience as a carpenter (he was a foreman by the age of 19) provides him with a unique ability to effectively communicate and quickly build a mutual bond of trust and respect with the builders and tradespeople.


To date, DJAA has completed a number of architectural and planning projects for both residential and commercial clients. The projects range from small remodels, to new custom homes, to the complex geometries of the Seattle Bouldering Project, an indoor rock climbing gym in Seattle.


DJAA continues to pursue projects on a range of scales, believing that every project presents the possibility for a compelling architectural solutions that arises from the unique combination of the site conditions and the people for whom the project will be built. It is this process of research, experimentation and problem solving that DJAA finds most rewarding. To learn more about what its like to engage in an architectural project, see our Design Process page.

Dylan is a US Green Building Council LEED accredited professional and registered architect in the states of Washington, California and Colorado. DJAA is a Washington State PLLC, though for family reasons Dylan resides primarily in California.